Easy Keto cucumber salsa

Keto cucumber salsa is fresh, healthy, tasty, crunchy and easy to make in just a few minutes. It goes well with Keto kale chips or Keto pork chops. It also goes well with other meat dishes, eggs and vegetable sticks. Salsa is a Spanish word which means sauce. Salsa is a sauce made from fresh, … Continue reading Easy Keto cucumber salsa

Keto Baked Turnip Fries

https://youtu.be/9DceyiAtN_M Turnip fries taste just as good as crispy french fries but with fewer carbs making them good for a keto diet. If you are on a keto diet and love fries this is a great healthy substitute for French fries which you cannot eat on the keto diet due to the high content of … Continue reading Keto Baked Turnip Fries

Keto dip: Homemade Zucchini Hummus

keto Zucchini Hummus is a healthy dip which is enjoyed on a keto diet. this dip is easy to make in just a few minutes. just put all the ingredients in a blender and blend until creamy and smooth. enjoy it with vegetable sticks. this dip is good for snack time.