Keto Baked Turnip Fries Turnip fries taste just as good as crispy french fries but with fewer carbs making them good for a keto diet. If you are on a keto diet and love fries this is a great healthy substitute for French fries which you cannot eat on the keto diet due to the high content of … Continue reading Keto Baked Turnip Fries


The keto diet prevents you from consuming a lot of carbs that are the main reason of gaining weight because the sugar makes you hungry most of the time. When you consume carbs with small portions and focus more on protein and fat; your body doesn’t push you most of the time to eat; instead, it uses those fats to … Continue reading FOOD TO EAT ON KETO DIET

Ketogenic/Keto Diet Benefits

Are you struggling to lose weight? You have tried a lot of diets and it didn't work, here is a solution for you, Keto diet. Try this diet and you will see a change in your weight loss journey. Recently, the Keto diet has become extremely popular for its health benefits such as weight loss … Continue reading Ketogenic/Keto Diet Benefits